Top 5 Best Selling Life size Sex Dolls in the Market

When people think of sex dolls, most of their imagination is filled with glamorous versions of silicone love machines, sitting in front of roaring fires, playing cards, and French Laundry-worthy meals. But what if we told you there was a modern day example of the perfect sex doll? One that comes in all shapes and sizes! 

Life Size Sex Dolls, manufactured by RealDoll Corporation, are unique in that they not only look and feel like a real woman but they even smell like one too. The best thing about these dolls is that you can choose the skin tone, hair style, and Zodiac sign to create your ideal life-size sex replicant. You can also customize the eyes, eyeliner and hairstyle to further convey your own unique look. You never know who you’ll hook up with or where they might be when you need them the most!

What is a life-size sex doll?

A life-size sex doll is a real-life sex doll that is designed to look and feel like a specific female body. These dolls are often equipped with an array of realistic feature such as a realistic face with expression, skin with pores, lips, tongue and even a small amount of hair on the head. These dolls are often much more expensive than typical silicone dolls as they are produced using real human skin and body parts.

A life-size sex doll can be referred to as a love doll, a companion, a companion device, a sexual partner, a sex partner, a real life sex doll, a fantasy doll, or an Imaginative Sex Doll.

How much does a life-size sex doll cost?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can move on to how much a life-size sex doll costs. You can expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for a high-quality realistic life-size sex doll in a variety of skin tones and textures. RealDoll’s highest-end dolls, the Elite and Elite Select, start at $6,500 while their budget-friendly options are $4,500 and $3,500, respectively.

Some of the key factors that go into pricing a life-size sex doll include the skin color, hair style and texture, eyes, eyeliner, and genitals (detailed below).

For example, a dark-skinned, dark-haired woman could potentially cost more to buy than a light-skinned, light-haired woman because the skin tone has to be carefully considered. On the other hand, a bright-colored, light-haired woman might not be as expensive to buy as a dark-haired model because there’s less need to be meticulously considered with regard to skin tones.

5 best selling life-size sex dolls in the market

Now that we’ve gotten the ball moving, let’s look at some of the best selling life-size sex dolls in the market!

Doll 1 – Angel With a price tag of $5,500, this is the most expensive of the best-selling life-size sex dolls in the market. However, it should be noted that this is not just a standard silicone doll but a fully-fledged figurine with realistic skin, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Moreover, it comes with a three-day trial period so you can test drive the doll and make sure it meets your expectations.

Doll 2 – Betsy Ross Betsy Ross is a life-size sex doll made with a high-quality silicone that’s affordable compared to the Angel and the Betsy Ross. However, the doll does not come with a three-day trial period like the Angel does. You’ll have to pay $4,500 for this doll which is on the higher end of the spectrum but does come with a few nice added features.

Doll 3 – Ginger This is the first of our top-selling life-size sex dolls to feature a gingerbread theme. It costs $3,500 and comes with a three-day trial but that doesn’t include any sexual acts with the doll. You’ll have to pay for this expensive doll in advance via Paypal.

Doll 4 – Joanna This replica of the famous Russian doll is ideal for couples looking for a real life-sized alternative to their own bodies. It costs $3,500 and comes with a three-day trial but there are restrictions—you can’t have more than one doll of this kind at a time.

Doll 5 – Margot Last but not least is Margot, a realistic looking brunette sex doll that’s $3,000. You’ll have to purchase this doll in advance via Paypal which means you won’t be able to take it out for a spin.

How to interact with a real sex doll

Before you purchase a life-size sex doll, you’ll likely want to make sure you can interact with it comfortably. Generally, you can interact with dolls by oneself but it’s recommended that you use a sex doll manual if you want to go the extra mile. To begin, you’ll want to ensure your doll is securely mounted (usually with a suction cup or adhesives). Next, you’ll want to ensure your doll is fully nude.

You can do this by removing her clothes one-by-one and inspecting the skin for signs of damage or infection. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to perform fellatio on your doll. When you’re finished, clean your doll’s skin with a antibacterial wash and towel. You can also use a mild moisturizer to help prevent Dry Skin syndrome.

Best thing about life-size sex dolls

As we mentioned above, one of the best things about life-size sex dolls is the fact that you can custom tailor it to look exactly like you. You can select the hair style, skin tone, and any other feature you’d like for your perfect life-size sex doll. Moreover, you can also add features like eyelashes, nails, and a mouth which will further enhance the realistic look of your doll.


The best thing about sex dolls is that they are affordable, easy to use, and lessens the risk of sexually transmitted infections. They can also help with performance issues and chronic back pain. Additionally, having a sex doll is great for solo sex and couple sex. All in all, they are a great investment that will keep giving years after years of service.

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