Tips to Boost English Speaking Skills for IELTS Speaking Section

Many candidates have assumed English speaking requires rocket science. But that’s not true. English is a language like Hindi. There are some mandatory rules that you have to practice to learn any language, not even English. Till you don’t practice these rules, you will not be able to gain proficiency in that language. There is no denying the fact that having a conversation in a language other than your native language is always challenging for almost every person. It is a regular practice that helps them gain proficiency in that with the page of time. Therefore, many candidates get goosebumps at the thought of appearing for the IELTS speaking section.

Reading this article can let you acquire proper knowledge of the right approach to boost your English speaking skills. Please put a full stop to every negative thought that is deteriorating your confidence to speak English. In fact, focus on your abilities to enhance your confidence.

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Ace the IELTS speaking section by boosting English speaking skills with the help of the following pointers:

Immerse yourself in English 

You can gain proficiency in the language if you immerse yourself in the language on a daily basis. Don’t worry about the sources that can help you immerse in the language. If you take a careful glance at the things around you then you will come to know that immersing yourself in the English language is not a difficult task. Your daily newspaper, novels, books, and most importantly your smartphone can help you do so excellently. Get help from the YouTube videos in English and turn on the subtitle to take note of the vocabulary and analyze the sentence structures. 

Think in English directly 

Well, this could be time-consuming but believe us this helps you get an expert in English speaking in the best possible way. Avoid Thinking in your native language first to translate it exactly into the English language. This trick can hamper your fluency. Therefore, avoid translating the sentences to speak English. Practice thinking in English if you have three months to prepare for the exam. This trick will be a milestone for all English language learners. Don’t start with complicated structures as this will make you anxious. In fact, start with short sentences. Such as “the bottle is on the table”, “the AC is cooling the room”, “ my friend is visiting me today”, etc. 

Focus on fluency and correctness 

Giving yourself challenges to conversate with yourself without stopping or stammering can help you gain fluency. Taking a few pauses is ok but long pauses can create a bad impression on the listener. Therefore, practice in advance to get rid of the problem of taking long pauses while conversating in the English language.

But please let us inform you that the examiner would be very experienced and can notice your minor mistakes in the blink of an eye. Therefore, focus on maintaining the accuracy of speech as well.  Please during the test, listen to the examiner with patience. Once he is done, you can start giving your answer. Don’t interrupt him when he is speaking. 

Talk to yourself 

Someone has correctly said that the best companion you can ever have to learn something is yourself. Don’t stay engaged in looking for companions to have conversations in English. Stand in the mirror and start talking to yourself as you are speaking with another person. Express your points and imagine yourself impressing the examiner with your language skills. This will surely help you take your speaking skills to the next level.

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Note that regular practice is needed to boost your language skills. Don’t skip your daily newspaper as this can help you gain a good familiarity with the grammar rules, sentence structures, and vocabulary. Furthermore, please accept that English speaking is learned through continuous practice. Stop running from your fears and face them courageously to grow. 

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