Must Watch Movies Based on Videogames

Every movie based on a video game is adored by video game fans. Similar to the wide variety of genres in video games, movies about video games include a variety of genres. Whether they favor tense action movies or more humorous family fare, everyone is likely to find something they will appreciate.

We have the ideal recommendations for you if you enjoy video games and wish to see movies based on well-known video games. These action-packed movies, which range from comedy to horror to horrifying fantasy, are fun to watch.

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Here are the video game-based movies you should watch.


This movie is ideal if you’re a fan of Warcraft and want to understand more about the history of the game. A mystical portal would allow Orcs to invade Earth’s population of humans in this movie. To stop further orcs from invading their world, the few remaining humans team up with a group of rebel orcs.

The movie is visually stunning and teaches us several truths, one of which is that wherever magic is involved, something always goes wrong. The story explores the origins of the Warcraft universe, and if you are a die-hard fan, the two-hour prologue at the beginning of the film will provide you with a wealth of knowledge.


Gamers today may not be aware of this, but Rampage video games were very popular in the past. Between 1986 and the middle of the 2000s, several sequels to this arcade game were released on various platforms. These titles made up the bulk of video games in the 1990s. Instead of a hero who had to save the day, you could play the game as a monster that had to demolish everything to wreak as much havoc as you could.

The Dwayne Johnson-led film focuses on Dr. Kate Caldwell, a geneticist, and primatologist Davis Okoye. The two try to keep an albino gorilla named George alive and prevent two larger animals from wreaking havoc in Chicago. The story is tough, intriguing, and fun, and it includes some violent events. The movie may start out being uninteresting, but as the action picks up, it becomes more and more enjoyable to watch.

Ace Attorney

The legal comedy-drama from Japan Phoenix Wright, a teenage attorney, was murdered in Ace Attorney. To finally address rising crime rates, the trial system at the center of the movie is developed. The new method discourages protracted court proceedings that stretch for days by giving the prosecution and prosecutor only three days to submit their arguments and claims before the judgment is handed down. 

Several strange occurrences happen as a result of their lack of time for a full investigation, which aids in the successful settlement. Parrots, ghosts, and a variety of other bizarre creatures are among the last-minute witnesses. The murder mystery and courtroom drama are quite a unique examples of the genre in terms of both plot and presentation. The purpose of the movie is to demonstrate how absurd and pointless court cases may be. 

Mortal Kombat

When we talk about Mortal Kombat, it is clear that we are referring to one of the best game-based movies. The trilogy’s primary focus is on martial artists who fight against evil forces to preserve the Earth. The three martial arts fighters in the original installment, Mortal Kombat 1995, journey to a distant island where they strive to protect the world so that good prevails in the war against evil.

In Mortal Kombat: Annihilation 1997, the warriors have seven days to protect the Earth from the emperor of the Outerworld, who is trying to unite the two worlds and take control of them. In Mortal Kombat 2021, MMA champion Cole Young is chosen to defend Earth. He must increase his strength before he can confront the soldiers of the Outerworld. This series will be especially appealing to Mortal Kombat fans.

Final Reflections

If you are a diehard videogame fan, these are some of the best movies based on video games. While many other movies represent video games, these are our favorites. Whether it is satire, action-fantasy, or any other genre, video game movies are super entertaining especially if you are aware of the games’ background.

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