How to Perfectly Teach Students the IELTS Listening Section?

Up until you provide evidence that you are proficient in understanding spoken English, you cannot be regarded as an expert in the English language. Even if you ace the IELTS exam, you still have to demonstrate your proficiency in understanding spoken English in the listening component. Are you a teacher seeking fantastic advice on how to teach the IELTS listening section? If so, you’ve come to the correct place, as this article will familiarise you with some outstanding advice that can help you better teach the IELTS listening section.

To get a sense of what the IELTS listening section actually focuses on, you can take your sample exams. You could take the exam, though, if you want additional certainty. As you are aware, after checking the available exam dates, the IELTS exam date is reserved through the official website of the exam regulatory organization.

Let us first inform you that the examiner will show you four films to gauge your proficiency in comprehending spoken English. The format of the audio that test-takers will get is as follows:

Audio 1: Conversations involving at least two individuals in a social setting

Audio 2: A discourse about a common subject

Audio 3: a conversation about a scholarly subject

Audio 4: A discourse about a common subject

View the following suggestions to get an idea of great advice for teaching students how to ace the IELTS listening section:

Lexical and phonological improvement

You cannot become proficient in comprehending spoken English before you are familiar with the vocabulary and pronunciation of the language. Learn how to pronounce the words in English as accurately as possible. While you listen, clear your mind from all the negative thinking patterns. Additionally, pay attention to how words are spoken in audiobooks, movies, and news podcasts to get the best idea of how to pronounce various terms. Additionally, while learning new terms, pay attention to how they are pronounciated.

Take time to listen

There is no getting around the reality that effective listening skills are essential for good speaking. You must realize that improving listening abilities is essential for effective communication. You have to respond only after that. You can learn to be a great listener from a variety of sources. Accept it or not, you can’t build strong relationships with other people if you can’t listen well. Doing this will surely help the students to ace the IELTS listening section efficiently.

Correctly understand the questions

You should be aware that each audio recording will have a few questions for you to respond to. The inquiries will be directly related to the audio you will hear. You can simply provide the correct response if you carefully listened to the audio. However, we urge that you must respond after hearing the entire question. because the question may be the most difficult and you are unable to go back and listen to a previous section. As a result, pay attention and hear the entire question first. Next, proceed to provide your response.

Management of time

You must pay attention to how the students are managing their time while taking the IELTS listening section. Even a split-second mistake can cause them to lose interest in the audio. As a result, they marked the incorrect response. If they have missed a section of the audio, you must show them how to listen to the rest of it. By putting them to practical use, you may teach kids time management principles. Choose some audio samples to encourage people to listen to them. Give them the impression that they are taking actual tests while listening to the audio. Additionally, it will increase their confidence in themselves.

Do you intend to use the actual exam to gauge how well you understand English by listening? If so, know that you have the option to take the mock exam offered by the IELTS training center for free. Booking the IELTS/PTE exam dates through the official website of the exam regulatory organization is the best option if you are absolutely certain that you want to take the exam.


You must first make an effort to master the subject matter in order to instruct your students in preparing for the IELTS listening section. Although you can’t expect to be perfect, you can aim to be an expert in the industry you work in. Don’t worry about it; patience and practice work wonders.

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