Gramhir – Know as an Instagram analyzer and viewer                  

If you are using Instagram and still you not know Instagram all features. And want to use these features in a best way. So you will be happy to know that in this article we will describe a Instagram analyzer and viewer which is known as a Gramhir.  Here I will describe the pros and cons of this amazing Instagram tool. Also tell you that how you can use this software save and in an exclusive way.

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir is the Instagram analyzer and viewer it give access you to the other people Instagram profiles. We can use this tool without ant personal account. It is available in desktop application and as a chrome extension and also you can go on official webpage to use its features. It can predict your post that how much like you can expect from new uploaded posts. It also help to analyze your followers, post likes, Post views, profile views etc. It is also use for to analyze demographics of users like their searching and their attitude. It is help you to track your Instagram account performing and its progress. So it is important tool while using Instagram.

How does Gramhir work?

Gramhir is very easy to use for any user. There is multiple option for using it you can download the desktop application, add chrome extension in your chrome browser or simply go on official website. You can analyze Instagram public profiles, Prediction for your new uploaded post. You can also share your publicly Instagram content with your friends who do not have Instagram account. It is totally free to use and there is no ads coming disturbance.

Using method of Gramhir

Gramhir Interface

Simply open Gramhir application, extension or go to its official webpage. The interface will show on your screens which is given in the above given picture. So there is multiple option/Features shown. Only one thing you need that to use any feature simply put the username in the Gramhir search bar. It will show you different option that you want to do like analyze your post, predict likes and followers, Share with your friend.

Can we access private accounts data on Gramhir?

It is important to tell you that you can not analyze and view any private Instagram account. You can see data of only public Instagram accounts. So keep in mind to first check the account status that it is private or public. So enter only public account username in Gramhir analyze search bar.

Is it safe to use?

Gramhir is safely and free to use tool. Because there is no any account creation requirement. You can use it without any Gramhir account. Sometimes, while using it when you enter username of any profile it show some temporary technical problem. So you need to wait for solve it.  

Related app likes Gramhir.

  • Dumpor

Dumpor is a also Instagram famous tool which help users to see Instagram stories, reels, Profiles, Videos of other Instagram users in a private way. There is a no account need to register. It is totally free and easy to use. So go on the google search bar and search and enjoy its features.

  • Picuki

With the help to Picuki you can download Instagram stories, videos, photos, reels and the profile photo of other instagram user in a simple and private way. No need of any account creation on Picuki. Just go on official website and type the username of Instagram account to download their profile content. So it is very helpful in downloading’s Instagram content of any person.

  • Imginn

Imginn is also use for downloading Instagram stories, Videos but the a unique feature of Imginn id that you can download tagged photos, videos of any Instagram profile. You can get access to imginn with Offcial webpage.


In conclusion, we can say that Gramhir is very helpful tool for using Instagram. It help to Instagram user to get analytics of public profiles and have also more features which we have describe above. It is easy and free to use.

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