Cool Roblox outfits under 400 Robux

A well-known online gaming platform called Roblox enables users to make their own virtual worlds and activities. Players can also dress up their avatars with a variety of outfits and accessories on the app. However, when it comes to purchasing new attire, many players are constrained by their income. This blog post was made in order to show off some of the most cool Roblox costumes that are available for less than 400 Robux.

We will examine some of the best inexpensive outfits for boys and girls in this article. We will also offer some advice and suggestions on how to accessorize these outfits to produce a distinctive and fashionable appearance. So continue reading if you’re searching for some stylish and reasonably priced Roblox clothing!

Casual Outfits:

Choosing a casual look is one of the best methods to keep your Roblox outfit under 400 Robux. A straightforward t-shirt and pair of jeans is a great spot to start. We suggest the “Black Jeans” and “Grey Ombre Crop Top” from the Roblox Catalogue for females. There is plenty of money left over in your budget for accessories because this outfit can be bought for only 200 Robux. The “Ripped Black Jeans and Red Hoodie” outfit combination is preferred by males. The cost of this ensemble is only 160 Robux, leaving money for accessories.

Sporty Outfits:

On Roblox, there are lots of reasonably priced choices if you want to go for a sporty look. The “Pink Sporty Costume” is a fantastic option for women. Pink shoes, black leggings, and a pink tank top make up this look. It costs only 250 Robux, which leaves plenty of space for accessories. Black athletic shorts and a red tank top are common options for boys. The cost of this ensemble is only 180 Robux.

Fancy Outfits:

There are still some cost-effective choices if you prefer a more formal appearance. We advise purchasing the “Black and White Party Dress” for females, which costs only 300 Robux. This ensemble consists of a black dress with white stripes, black shoes, and a silver necklace. The “Black Tuxedo” is a fantastic option for guys. The cost of this ensemble is only 200 Robux.

Roleplay Outfits:

For players who want to get into character, there are many inexpensive outfits available on Roblox, which is renowned for its roleplaying community. We advise purchasing the “Nurse Outfit” for females, which costs only 200 Robux. This ensemble consists of a nurse’s cap and a white nurse frock. The “Police Uniform” is a common option for boys. The cost of this ensemble is only 200 Robux.


The extensive selection of accessories accessible to customize your avatar is one of the best features of Roblox. Hats, spectacles, and jewelry are a few common accessories. Girls should consider purchasing the “Golden Headband,” which costs only 50 Robux. The “Black Sunglasses” are a fantastic option for guys and are only 100 Robux.


Players on a tight budget can find plenty of stylish Roblox attire. For both boys and girls, there are many choices available, ranging from everyday attire to fancy dresses. Players can save money and still appear fashionable on the platform by shopping wisely and picking out inexpensive clothing. For an even more distinctive look, don’t neglect to accessorize with hats, glasses, and jewelry. So use your imagination and begin creating your Roblox outfit right away!

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